New Website!

At last, I’ve finally got my act together and built my new site. It’s fair to say that I am my own worst enemy when it comes to designing/building my own things.  There’s just something about producing work for others that makes you become more productive, nether less, got there in the end!

It’s been a bit of a mission on this re-design and some things had taken longer than expected, I’ve had to swap and change things about compared to my initial design to save time and get something out into the wild so that I can move on with my other plans.  

That aside, it’s great to have my own online presence again and have a site that runs responsively. I’ve not fully tested it as much as I’d of liked yet, but any visual bugs will be ironed out in the coming weeks.

You will notice I now have a services page up. Yes, I am hoping to get my feet wet a bit more in the freelancers world, for the evenings and weekends initially anyway, see how I get on and see if it’s the right thing for me. Hoping I will get some interest,  as I feel I could help allot of people.

Anyway, hope you like the site – feel free to get in-touch if your after some work or want to say hello / collaborate etc.



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