Brief description of the technology and assets used on


Designed in Sketch and built in Visual Studio Code, on a 27" 5k Apple iMac, uses React as the foundation library and GatsbyJS to generate a static build. Styled Components for CSS, which features CSS Custom Properties, Transforms, Grid, Flexbox and Columns. for real-time editing content management and content deployment.


The Primary font choice is Muli, from Google Fonts. Secondary backup font is sans-serif.

Imagery, Icons & Buttons

Unless specified, all graphics and imagery will be/are provided by the site owner, Daniel Van Cuylenburg. The GitHub buttons (in the footer) are from NTKME.


The site is hosted on Netlify with continuous build integrations on Gatsby Cloud after push commits to GitHub.

Open source

The site is fully opened sourced on GitHub. Allowing freely distributed copies of the site. Feel free to submit PRs, submit suggestions or raise issues.