Automating my dev life starts from now.

9th February, 2020

Haven been working in web development since, well what seems like my entire life, something I'm ashamed to admit I could have done a better job at, is implementing automation and shortcuts in my daily dev process. Or for better word: making my life easier in order to focus on the things that really matter. But as front-end dev get's ever more complex, it's time to start offloading some of that work.

Time to start making things just that little bit easier.

Don't get me wrong, I already and have been doing some form of automation all along with the help of various build tools and the like, and some custom shortcuts added into the mix - it's just I feel there's much more room for improvement.

Though it comes across as lazy for wanting to make things easier and ultimately, less work to do - it seems then ironic that the main reason for not getting around to doing something about it, is for none other than lazyness (and time to be fair).

So with that said, this update marks the start of that change. And as a way of providing inspiration/help for other developers, I've created an automation and shortcut repo. Which I'm hoping will help keep the momentum going and something I can learn from as well.

Starting from 10th February, I'll be documenting where I feel i can make my processes easier both in my line of work and the tools I use, and other helpful tips I find that may help other developers. The idea being that a new issue created for every automation/shortcut tip - with the context and solution provided. And any feedback welcome on how to improve on that.


The goal of this mini project is to be a resource for developers that can contribute and use to help them in their daily work.
Initially, I was thinking this would be a 1-2 month project, but thet's see how it goes. If anything comes of it or i find it's really helping, i'll keep it going. :)

Here's to (finally!) making dev life, just that little bit easier! 🥳