Recommended reads for March, 2019

26th March, 2019

In an attempt to help fellow creatives consume the best content out there, I've decided that it would be great to share the best 12 articles that I've deemed worthy reads, for the current calendar month. So on that basis, here's the first collated set of links for you. Have any you feel I should add to next months list? Send me a DM @danielvanc on Twitter.

Flexbox use Cases
In this, Rachel Andrew goes over what Flexbox should be used for and when. This answers the common question of, when should I use CSS Grid or Flexbox really quite well.

Learning to Learn
In this, Sarah Drasner talks about the most important skillset you can own, regardless of whether you come from an academic background. I also wanted to include because I too had to learn this method myself, so can highly relate to what she’s saying. Sarah describes strategies you can use in order to gain this important skill.

Introduction to Puppeteer
I’ve been meaning to learn Puppeteer for a while now, especially for learning how to do proper testing. This article, by Flavioscopes (who I highly regard for well written tutorials), explains in a really easy to digest manner, how you can get up and running from scratch with Puppeteer and testing. Well worth reading.

Icon fonts to SVG
I’ve been meaning to start delving into converting to SVG for my fonts for a while after delving into SVG overall and fonts were next on my list. Fortunately, Sara posted this article which is really well intuitive, explaining the process in a easy to read way and am thankful that I now feel I can do this all myself. Thanks Sara!

Live debugging of React apps within VS Code
I’ve been meaning to try out chrome debugging in VS Code for sometime, haven only gotten as far as installing the VS Code extension and no further. This article got me setup easily and is definitely my preferred way of working with web app building in general now.

NodeJS Course for Beginners
I’m all for supporting companies who release quality material, and especially when it’s for FREE. This course is excellent for those looking to get an understanding of NodeKS and reason of it’s existence. You will definitely want to add this to your reading list.

Introduction to Refactoring a React app to React hooks
I've been on the look for how to convert pieces of a React app to use hooks and In this bitesize course, it explains things really well. Which always seems to be the case with EggHead.

Intro to game development with vanilla JS
The freeCodeCamp guys really do knock out some awesome content. And this is another example. Using plain JS for game dev is a bit of a game changer, and this is a great intro to how to get started with it. Loved reading this.

Progressive React
Want to make your React site more performant? This page has a really useful checklist of all the things you should check against. Such a handy resource.

NodeJS Handbook
An essential tool for any developer to have on their belt that uses NodeJS in their dev stack.

ReactJS Handbook
This is 100% ideal for anyone getting into react or for those needing a reference. Yes there’s the official react docs to use, but this explains things in a much more coherent manner. Can’t believe it’s free.

Planning for responsive images
I’ve been looking for a bit of a go-to guide for imagery for the web as there’s usually something I stumble upon as how best to go about things. This is excellent for how to plan before you dive into adding it to your pages and shows how much pain it will solve later on if you don’t properly plan.