Reflecting on 2019 and looking ahead

31st December, 2019

It’s that time of the year where we look back and reflect on the good and bad and what we can take out of it into the new (and the one where I turn 40!). Whether that’s to improve on what we’ve learnt (or not), to help us form new targets/goals, or simply to realise our achievements. It is for some of these reasons alone, why December is my favorite time of year. Here are some of my negatives and positives of 2019, and objectives for 2020.

Our trip to Thailand, 2019


  • Completed Beginner / Advanced React JS, GraphQL, Node and React Testing Courses
  • Being competent in JavaScript
  • Levelled up my ReactJS and GatsbyJS skills
  • Getting a pay rise
  • My new personal site went Live
  • Completing 1st year of Remote working (more details coming soon)
  • Understanding and being able to use Adobe XD and Figma to a comfortable level
  • Begun training in DevOps and CI/CD methodologies
  • Maintaining running routines for another year
  • Improved Musical Theory
  • Meeting new people across the globe
  • Started gigging with Gecko
  • Starting work on my own projects
  • Moved in with my Girlfriend
  • Family Holiday to Thailand and Australia


  • Behind starting schedule on personal projects
  • Competitive pressure in the industry having a negative impact on confidence
  • Not being as healthy as I know I can be
  • Not handling criticism as well as I know I can
  • Anxiety issues
  • Struggled to enjoy running and exercise in general

2020 Objectives

  • To have a list of personal projects, in a variety of tech stacks, completed by December.
  • To feel competent in CI/CD and be implemented into personal site and 1 or 2 personal projects.
  • Add further updates to
  • Continue and increase blogging updates
  • Level up on Musical theory, React, Gatsby and testing
  • Be more efficient with Q.A
  • Automate day to day work tasks more
  • Aim to increase Remote working time - to include some full days
  • Do better at networking
  • Write more ToDo lists before each day (GTD - more on this later)
  • Write better commented code
  • Listen to more podcasts
  • Increase Running distance, pace and learn to enjoy more.
  • Live more in the moment and to not over plan
  • Gig with Gecko more regularly
  • Visit 1 or 2 new countries.
  • Go on a Cruise for my 40th
  • Spend more time with Family and friends
  • Learn Git to an advanced level
  • Getting out into nature more often.
  • Maintaining good sitting posture and moving away from my desk every hour
  • Differ my exercise regime’s
  • Don’t stop learning!
  • To have started contributing to GatsbyJS before the end of the year.

As I write this, It sure felt as though I’m being over ambitious. Maybe, but I have the past few years, especially 2019 to thank for giving me the confidence and drive to achieve. So I’m moving into the new year full of positive attitude and really REALLY excited what new challenges, adventures and tech arises.

Happy new year and decade! X