Stepping out my comfort zone

14th February, 2019

Writing on the web has been a long term objective, but has always felt daunting. Few things spring to mind as to why 1. Confidence. 2. Thinking I can't do good enough. 3. Being criticised. 4. What to write? I know I'm not alone with any of those thoughts. And that's why I'm going to give it a/another shot. I'll tread water, if I fall, what's the worst that can happen? Get wet? Okay, that's terrible. Maybe like this post. But you've got to start somewhere, right?

Bathing with Elephants in Thailand. Amazing experience, but definitely out my comfort zone.

Sounds like i'm making a massive deal, and it probably does. But to me it is. Maybe that begs the question of why write in the first place? I guess, for not much different reasons than that of others. Somewhere to write and store thoughts and knowledge. In any case, second to playing Guitar, I find I express myself much clearer when writing things down as opposed to verbally. It's just in my nature.

Getting back to the subject, I tweeted something related along with my intentions, but to follow on, a big reason for having this section of the site, was to start giving back to the web community. I've been working in the web since 1999, and have relied countlessly on other designers and developers input, for which I'm forever grateful. I would never be where I am today if it wasn't for their knowledge and expertise - thank you.

Making my site open source, was my introduction to giving back. Allowing others to grab a copy and (hopefully) learn from what I've built and being able to follow along with what's to come. Moving on from that, I would like to provide snippets of knowledgeable interest. In the form of how I do things, thought processes, what I've learnt and am learning along the way, as an all round Web Developer.

And that Is just the start, of my intentions of giving back. I have no idea that what I do will be of any use to anyone, certainly in the beginning anyway. I'm just hoping in the long run, that with allot of practice, I can provide some necessary reading that some will be able to learn from and take away for use in their own work.

Dan X