What I'm up-to now and focusing on for September, 2019.

Where am I?

  • On the Isle of Wight. Will be in Oxford for the weekend of 28th.


  • Finish and launch Resume page ✅
  • Adding enhancements across the site (ongoing)
  • Bugfixes (on going)
  • Start design of Labs page
  • Start scoping work on personal projects.
  • Release all outstanding blog posts


  • Studying Service workers, React Testing and Web App accessibility on Front-end Masters.
  • Working my way through Wes Bos’s course on Advanced React, GraphQL Yoga and Apollo Client. Watch my repo for updates. UPDATE: I'm haven't had much time to re-look into this but have picked it up again now.
  • Still working my way through Front-end Masters Expert Path.


  • Moved in with my Girlfriend 🏡
  • Arranging upcoming Gigs to play for Gecko
  • Finally getting back into a normal running routine, again!
  • Playing Red Dead Redemption 2.

Music I’m enjoying

  • Apple Music's - Chilled Radio station
  • Cafe del Mar XXV (Vol.25)
  • Feeder
  • Pink Floyd - Greatest Hits
  • Buddha bar - spotify playlist.

TV Show’s I’m enjoying

  • Homeland S7
  • Black Mirror - Season 5
  • Travels with my Father - Netflix
  • Gotham

Films recently liked

  • Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
  • Bob Lazar - Area 51 and Flying Saucers
  • Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald


  • Currently: Fire and Blood - George R R Martin, The Wild Truth and The Boy Who Dissapeared.
  • Previously: Art direction for the Web - Andy Clarke

Favourite links right now

—— Last updated on 8th September, 2019