What I'm up-to now and focusing on for July, 2020

Where am I?

  • In lockdown on the Isle of Wight.


Outside of my day job, I like to do my own work.

  • Working through some of these issues.
  • Working on 1st of 2 main side projects for this year
  • Working on my Pomodoro tool


Because there's always so much to learn as a developer.

  • NodeJS and ExpressJS
  • Advanced React State Management with Redux
  • JavaScript performance
  • Finished Front-end Libraries certificate on the curriculum.


What's happening in my world outside of work and personal projects.

  • Camping for my 40th this month.
  • Playing Mario Kart Tour and Minecraft
  • Working on my exercise regime.


Some of my favourite music this last week or so.

  • Chilled Cow on Spotify
  • Chill Beats Weekly on Spotify
  • Mykonos sunset house vibes
  • CodeCamp radio (see below)

Film's / TV Show’s

What I'm currently watching and recently watched.

  • Formula 1: Drive to Survive (Netflix)
  • Ozark - Season 2 (Netflix)
  • The Last Kingdom (Netflix)
  • The Witcher (Netflix)


Books I'm reading at the moment

  • The Wild Truth (Kindle)
  • Bruce Dickinson Biography

Favourite links

These are some of my go to links on an almost daily basis.

—— Last updated on 7th July, 2020