Reflecting on a year of living in different times.

It goes without saying just how much these past 12 months have been difficult and different. One giant wake up call. Proving just how fragile we all are and how much we really need each other, now more than ever before. To shift aside what's important and what isn't. To not take things for granted and appreciate what we have. Close to this time last year, no-one could have predicted, face masks, hand sanitisers and social distancing would be seen and heard everywhere. Truly alarming.

Looking underneath it all, one of the major outcomes from the pandemic, is how it's almost forced many to get up-to speed and transition to all things digital. For a long while, prior to 2020, I've felt many outside the tech industry were still lacking skills in this area, despite how necessary and essential it is in todays world. Now, with many now accustomed to online life, they're realising new ways of expressing their creativity with new tools and formats, thus opening up new opportunities and possibilities to reach out to others and do business online.

In the space of a year, it's quite impressive to see what we've achieved in such little time. We're able to negotiate more effectively, in a much safer, dynamic and fluid way. Was this virus nature's way of giving us a kick up the backside to improve our day to day lives? 🤷🏼‍♂️

All that aside, I'd now like to take a moment to reflect on some notable points that happened over the course of our year:

  • In July, I switched jobs, and joined creative agency: Apacio Digital. Joining also allowed me to tick off a couple of Career goals in the process:

    • Moving to remote only ✅
    • Moving to a senior position. ✅

    A gamble moving during a time where many were losing/about to lose their livelihoods. But in the end, was a risk worth taking. Now 6 months into the new job, it's going well and I'm much happier.

  • A year of important birthdays. 16th, 40th and 60. My Son, mine and my mum's, respectively. Despite not being able to celebrate them in the way we'd hoped, they will still be special for being remembered under lockdown rules.

  • My Son finished secondary school, but unable to sit final exams

  • My Son started studying at College.

  • Ran 5k daily for 31 days

  • Decided to turn Vegan Despite many holiday plans cancelled, still managed to visit some beautiful places in Cornwall, Wales and the Cotswolds.

  • Ticked off a life goal of dressing up as Mario on my 40th doing what I love the most, Camping!

  • By August, we'd spent our first full year living together. We've now survived 2 lockdowns together in the process (and I've not been thrown out!).

  • My partner's side business (barbering) officially became a thing!

  • 2 side projects I've been meaning to start for a while are now well underway

  • Accomplished over 90% of this years personal targets

Last November, I predicted the new year would be “the year of change”. Well, it's certainly been that, hasn't it? But despite the circumstances, I'm happy each of us have managed to look through it all and achieve mostly what we aimed for for the year. And this inspires us as we head into 2021.

However your 2020 has been, I believe 2021 is the year of hope for us all. A year that gives back. A year we can truly look forward to that will allow us to return to a much more normal life, albeit somewhat differently.

Wishing you all a healthier, safe and more positive year to come.