Below is where you'll find a non exhaustive, growing list of side projects I've worked on / working on in my spare time. Side projects provide me the opportunity to work on technologies I'm interested in and to learn from.

  • BKWorm

    A web app designed for book lovers by book lovers. Built with Remix, Supabase, Prisma, Tailwind and more.


  • Glide

    Implemented my own VS Code theme after not being totally happy with any that are in the marketplace. Inspired by NightOwl theme.


  • Pomodoro

    A small timer I built as final project to complete the's "Frontend Libraries certificate". I endeavour to improve on this with the idea to turn it something more appealing.


  • Calc

    Just a small Gatsby and Redux project I made as a part of 1 of 5 projects required to gain the's "Frontend Libraries certificate"