Personal website of Daniel Van Cuylenburg.

A 🌱plant powered, 👨🏻‍💻 front-end developer on the 🏝Isle of Wight who 💚 all things CSS, JavaScript, React and U.I Design.

I’m a self taught, digital creative and life long learner. Since 2001, I have gained valuable experience in web u.i design, back and front-end development and time management. My particular focus and specialism is in web site and app front-end engineering.
I love to be involved in creating interesting projects that solve real world problems, and building beautiful, user centered, experiences that are tested and made available to all.

I work remotely for creative agency, Apacio as a Senior Front-end Dev. Previously I was on the digital team of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation where I contributed and provided front-end expertise, tooling, mentoring and delivering insightful, impactful experiences. For a further overview of my professional career, my resume outlines all roles and key skills.

My personal site is an ongoing project that I’ve made open source. It’s primary purpose is simply for somewhere to post my thoughts, projects and experiments. Should you also wish, you can find out what I’m up-to now and see the tools, VS Code extensions and settings I use on a daily basis.

Connect: Twitter, LinkedIn and GitHub.