Personal website of U.K (remote) based Front-end Developer and Guitarist, Daniel Van Cuylenburg.

"A multi-disciplinary creative with vast professional experience in providing impactful, performant digital solutions"

Hey there and welcome! I’m a consumer focused, business minded, digital creative, with 2 decades of experience (19 years professionally) designing and building online solutions for in-house U.K companies, agencies and freelancers. During such time, I’ve also had the pleasure to work along side brands such as: Virgin, Google, BT, Land Rover, Unicef and E-ON.

I specialise in front-end web development. This includes: HTML, CSS / SASS, JavaScript, GatsbyJS and ReactJS. My resume page contains all my professional abilities and work history.

I currently work for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as a Front-end Developer.

Hosted on GitHub, the site is completely open source so feel free to fork, submit issues and suggestions. A 'work in progress' personal project, the log page details latest updates.
Elsewhere, you can find me Tweeting about Technology and the Web, Life and website related updates, sharing the odd Photo or two and experimenting with new things on CodePen

Latest Note

Some of the things I love about

Way back late last year when I was deciding on which headless cms to choose for my newly re-built site (in React & GatsbyJS), I eventually filtered the list of available CMSs down to 3. Contentful, NetlifyCMS and new kid to the block, Contentful seems to be a popular choice among many, and NetlifyCMS seemed logical as I use Netlify's hosting system. However, I wanted something that had different features than the rest. And, might I say, something simpler to get up and running, as this was my first attempt at a Headless CMS. So I bit the bullet and went with And I'm really glad I did. 🤩