I’m Daniel Van Cuylenburg. A Digital Creative from the Isle of Wight. I provide Website Design and Development.

Elegant Interface Design that can scale to a varietey of screen sizes, hand-coded page templates to full CMS integration.

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Age 34 and born in a british forces camp in Hanover, Germany and raised in the UK for 30+ years and now live on the sunny Isle of Wight.

I’m a Web Designer and Front-End Developer and I have an amazing 10 yr old Son.  A self taught Guitarist of 20 years (some of my videos), Amateur runner, Southampton FC fan, love being outdoors amongst the wonders of life, an unhealthy obsession for Game of Thrones and on occasion, you’ll find me enjoying a game or two.

I’ve been in the Web Industry since I was 17/18. When the Internet was a shower of terrifying animated gifs, html frames, netscape, table based layouts were the norm and Internet Explorer was good (or not).

Self taught in Web Dev and Design mostly through research online and then applying what I learnt as and when needed.  Starting out in Web Development before pursuing the love I’ve always had for Web Design, which has, in recent years, become the thing I enjoy doing the most.


Running for charity again!

After running in the Great South Run in 2012 for the Ellen Macarthur Cancer Trust, I pretty much stopped running almost as soon as I crossed the finish line. Not through any reason other than it felt like I’d achieved my goal and didn’t have another target to aim for.  I ran for a few weeks late 2013 but I didn’t have the same disire, sadly. However, I’ve started up again and progressing at a good pace. And to keep me focused I’ve decided to do the Great South Run again.

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