Personal website of Daniel Van Cuylenburg.

Daniel is a Front-end Developer with a love for CSS, JavaScript, React, Gatsby, Node, cutting edge tech, U.I Design and Guitar.

Dan has been developing for the web since 1999. Professionally since 2001. Specialising in HTML, CSS / SASS, JavaScript, Gatsby, ReactJS and more. In this time, he's provided a wealth of design and coding expertise to small - medium sized businesses and their clients / partners. Some of which include the likes of: Virgin, Google, BT, Land Rover, Unicef and E-ON.
He works for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, as a Front-end Developer for their internal digital team. Delivering insightful, adaptable solutions and technical front-end expertise.
His resume page provides an insightful overview into those he's worked with in the past, alongside current skill levels and abilities.

Read more about his background and what he uses on a daily basis. His VS Code extensions and settings and what he's up-to now.

An ongoing work in progress project, this website has been made open source, with It's primarily purpose as a place to add thoughts, coding experiments and somewhere to showcase upcoming projects. Keep an eye on the log for all additions, improvements and amendments.

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