All the tech and tools I use to do my best work.

I get asked now and again about the things I use in my dev career, and what i use to stay productive, so I thought this page would be handy in listing it all here.


  • 16” MacBook Pro, M1 Pro, 16GB RAM (2021)

    Previously I was using an Intel-based 15” MacBook Pro but the difference is pretty phenominal. I’ve still to this day, yet to hear the fans turn on, even though I often have a ton of applications open simultaneously.

  • LG Ultrafine 4K 32

    It was hard to find a monitor i was happy with after stepping down from a 27&quot 5k iMac. This was one of the best I could find for the money. Whilst it doesn't have the same clarity as the iMac display, it rocks iin just about everywhere else.

  • IPad Air 4th gen

    Apart from being a news reader / gaming device, this is used as my second screen for emails / slack etc. With apples continuity feature, it works seemlessly with mouse and keyboard.

  • Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch

    I have always been really happy with Apples keyboards and this one is with touch id is awesome.

  • Apple Magic Trackpad 2

    I dig using a trackpad and the gestures really help my day to day flow.

Development tools

  • VS Code

    I have been using this pretty much since it released and love it. The monthly updates are really helpful and I enjoy tweaking my set up with all the new settings, to help make my work flow, just that bit easier.

  • Brave and Firefox

    Not much to be said really. You get the best of security and a mix of the best JS run time and browser dev tools.


  • Figma

    This is my go to these days. As well as the fact companies i work for are mostly using it as well. Ive never been much of a fan of Adobe bloatware.


  • ToDo'ist

    This is where all my todo's live. I plan my life in this thing. I integrate ToDo'ist in centered.


  • Apple Fitness+

    Working from home, it really helps to have a program I can go too to help get active and be motivated. It is invaluable really.

  • DripEx 2 in 1 folding Treadmill

    I have this set up and ready to use daily. With a regular pattern of stepping on and off during breaks and meetings. Really helps gets those steps in

  • Headspace

    Mindfullness is a great to stay connected with oneself. I use Headspace daily and it really helps with staying focused and energesied, especially during busy times.