Turning 40. Leaving the office behind.

Last weekend I turned 40 and it feels like a really big deal. Sharing some similar feelings of when I became 18 except obviously, this is the half way stage. Whether it's purely just an internal thing or what, it seems like the first part of my book is complete and it's time to embark on the next. So I'm starting a new chapter by leaving the office behind.

I've mentioned previously the importance of having a flexible work / life balance and there's plenty of research out there to back this up. Haven worked for 20 years in various offices, I feel well qualified to say that they're the opposite of productive spaces and with plenty of remote experience under my belt as well, I can confidently say that work, or at least your best work, doesn't get done in the office. Nor does it do your mental and physical well-being any favours. With these conclusions in mind, I knew I owed it to myself to make the necessary change going forwards. Fortunately, an exciting opportunity has arisen, and I'm very pleased to announce that I'm moving on to a new job as a Senior Front-end Developer, working remotely. 🥳

Being 40 certainly leaves you with allot to to reflect on. As I look back, the 30s has had made the biggest impact. Those 10 years have been rife with experience in just about everything life can throw at someone and so this period of time has been a major contributor in my quest for improvement to both work and life.

While I figure out other improvements, let me make it clear that I'm both very grateful and fortunate with where I'm presently at. I have a beautiful family. Am completely debt free. Fully own all my possessions. Taught myself everything I know and am doing well in my Career. Got to be happy with that, right?

Here's to the next 40 years! 🍻